Employee Benefit Services

Employee Benefits
The City of Parkland offers regular full -time employees a generous benefits package that includes that following programs.  

  • Health: You have the option of selecting from two comprehensive health plans: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Point of Service (POS) both provided by United Health care. Choose the plan that best fits your and your family's needs.
  • Dental: You may select from two dental plans through United Health care. The DHMO is a in network copayment plan option. The PPO option is an open access plan- no referrals needed to see a specialist, do not need to select a PCP. In- Network and out of Network providers will be covered after CYD.
  • Vision: Vision is offered through United Health Care it coverage is provided to employed and dependents. In network providers are only covered and includes, eye exams, eye glasses ( lenses and frames) or contact lenses.
  • Disability and Basic Life Insurances: You are eligible for long- term disability plan and basic life insurance, which is fully paid by the City, offered through Cigna.
  • Flexible Spending Account: The City offers you two reimbursement accounts: Health care Reimbursement and Dependent Care Reimbursement. FSA offered through Benefits Outsource that will allow employees to pay for pre-determined, un-reimbursable medical expenses on a tax-free basis.
  • Medical Health Care Spending Account This is a reimbursement plan that allows employees to set aside pre-tax earnings to cover the out-of-pocket cost for eligible health care expenses that are not covered by medical insurance. Participation in this plan is voluntary.
  • Dependent Daycare Spending Account This is a reimbursement plan that allows employees to set aside pre-tax earnings to cover out-of-pocket cost for eligible dependent care (daycare) expenses. Participation in this plan is voluntary.
  • Pre-Paid Legal Plan: Prepaid legal is provided by Preferred Legal Plan. Employees have access to a 24-hour direct access to attorneys who provide a variety of legal assistance and services.
  • Retirement Plans: The City offers two types of Plans: ICMA 401a and a ICMA 457 plan to assist employees achieve their retirement goals.
  • 401 Deferred Compensation Program: The City offers a Deferred Compensation (401a) Plan through a Third Party Plan Administrator. City employees may elect to have a portion of their salary withheld. The deferred amount is tax free until actually received and is invested in the meantime. As prescribed by applicable laws or plan provisions, funds may be withdrawn upon resignation, retirement, or to a beneficiary upon death. If approved in the budget process, the City will contribute ten percent (10%) of the employee’s salary after completion of all the employee’s probationary periods, which monies are
  • 457 Deferred Compensation: The City offers a Deferred Compensation (457) Plan through a Third Party Plan Administrator. Deferred compensation is a retirement savings account. Through payroll deduction, employees can contribute a ‘pre-tax’ portion of their salary. The minimum contribution is $10 per pay period and the employee can contribute once he/she has completed all his/her probationary periods. The maximum contributions are set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year in October. For exempt employees, if approved in the budget process, the City will match up to four percent (4%) of the employee’s salary.
  • Paid Time Off: The City offers a generous paid time off plan, which includes vacation time, sick days, holidays and intersession.
  • Holidays: Holiday Pay is based on a forty-hour workweek. The City of Parkland offers Eleven (11) legal paid holidays per year.
  • EAP: The Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) is designed to assist with a broad range of problems including family and marital discord, nervous or emotional disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, poor physical health and other personal problems. The EAP is available to all regular full time employees, their spouses and dependents. There is no cost for employees to consult with an EAP counselor.
  • Direct Deposit: Payroll checks can be automatically direct deposited into a checking or savings account. New employees must sign up for direct deposit of issued payroll checks within the first pay period after their first day of work.

  • Library Card: All regular full time, regulated full time and part time City employees, regardless of their permanent residence, are eligible to obtain a City of Parkland Library card while they remain an employee.