Donations of Books
Book or DVD donations are accepted by the Friends of the Library. Materials are taken with the following provisions:
  • They must be in good condition with no mold, mildew, insects, etc.
  • We can dispose of materials at our discretion by either adding to the library's collection, placing with the Friends for their used book sales, or discarding the items
  • No value is placed on the materials; a receipt will be provided upon request
  • Large collections should be evaluated by the staff prior to being delivered to the library
  • We do accept textbooks that have been published in the past 10 years
We can not accept magazines or encyclopedias.

If you are donating a large number of books or DVDs, please send an email or call (954) 757-4200 prior to bringing them to the library. Donations are accepted inside the Library at the Information Desk. Please do not put donations into the book drop.

Donations of Funds
Donations of funds for the Library are usually made to the Friends of the Library, but in some cases they can be made to the City. They can be for either a specific purpose, agreed to by both parties, or they can be for general use.

Donations of Artwork
The library does not accept artwork donations.