Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Members

·     Stephen Ross, Chairman  
·     Howard Wyner, Member

·     Jennifer Esposito, Member

·     Sandra Schrouder, Member  

·     Charles Hoffman, Member

·     Joel Kaplan, Alternate

About The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board was created by the City Commission to provide advisory services to the Commission on the issues affecting parks and recreation functions within the City. The Board makes recommendations as to the size and location of public parks and facilities to be provided within public research areas. The Board also recommends established parks and recreation systems and programs for citizens of the City. The Board interacts with the users of facilities to assure progress, development, maintenance, and planning for the parks and recreation needs of the community.

There are nine board members appointed by the Commission. Five members are appointed by individual commissioners and serve two-year terms. Two members are appointed at large and serve a one-year term, and two members are appointed as alternates and serve a one-year term. Other related issues and matters may be addressed by the Board at the request of the City Commission.


Make recommendations as to size and locations of public parks in the City

Make recommendations as to the facilities to be provided at public parks in the City

Make recommendations as to the establishment of parks and recreations systems and programs for the citizens of the City

Make recommendations on other matters involving recreational services and facilities as may be requested from time to time by the City Commission.


·     6:00 p.m.

        ·    1st Monday of each month (unless otherwise scheduled).    
        ·     City Hall, Commission Chambers   Future Meeting Date (all meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. unless specifically identified):

Occasionally, there are additional meetings during the month regarding special issues. Meeting dates are subject to change. To confirm meeting dates or for additional questions contact the Parks and Recreation Division directly at (954) 757-4105. 


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