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This page is updated regularly in order to provide our residents with the most up-to-date information on on-going capital improvement projects.  For additional information on any project please contact the City Engineering Department at 954-757-4165

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Page Updated 10/17/16


Project consists of design, permitting, and installation of Florida Power and Light (FPL) concrete poles and 400 watt high pressure sodium luminaires (lighting fixtures) from the City Limits (just north of Heron Bay Boulevard) to the intersection of Loxahatchee Road and Nob Hill Road.  The roadway is designated as a Broward County (“County”) roadway and requires approval from the County for permitting and construction.  The design was performed by Hardesty and Hanover via a City General Engineering Services contract.  The underground infrastructure for the project was offered to the public for competitive solicitations in December 2015 and was awarded to Weekley Asphalt Paving, Inc. in February 2016.  Once the underground work is complete the lighting poles and fixtures will be installed by FPL. The project is expected to be completed by Fall 2016. 

Lennar Homes is responsible for completing the underground infrastructure work for the segment between Hillsboro Blvd. and Loxahatchee Rd. while the City is responsible for the segment between Hillsboro Blvd. and north of Heron Bay Blvd.


This project has been completed and all features are open for use.  Adjustments are being made, but those will not impede use.  

A new playground facility to connect to the existing playground is also planned for the Park. This will be done under a separate design-build contract that was awarded on June 1, 2016 to Playmore Recreational Products and Services.   



This project consists of design, permitting, and installation of Florida Power and Light (FPL) concrete poles and LED light fixtures from Holmberg Road north to Loxahatchee Road.  The roadway has multiple ownership between Broward County (County) and the City of Parkland (City).  The City has solicited the services of Hardesty and Hanover, who designed the project.  Construction has begun and is expected to be completed in Summer 2017.



This project consists of design, permitting, and installation of Florida Power and Light (FPL) cobra head lighting fixture on existing wooden poles from west of the State Road 7 to the conservation area.  The project has been completed from Parkland Place west to the conservation area. The remaining portion from Parkland Place to State Road 7 will be completed at a later date.


This project consists of design, permitting, and reconstruction of the current Loxahatchee roadway from State Road 7 to the Conservation Area.  The roadway is approximately six (6) miles long with shared ownership between the City of Parkland (City) and Broward County (County).  The County owns from the north line of Section 35 to the west line of Section 19 within Township 47 South, Range 41 East.  The remainder of the roadway (approximately 1.1 miles) is owned by the City.  At the September 18, 2013 City Commission meeting, the City Commission approved Keith and Schnars design Alternative 3 concept for design and funding consideration.  Design Alternative 3 consists of two 12-foot lanes separated by an 11-foot median.  The alternate also includes a five-foot bike lane on the north section and a four-foot bike lane and a six-foot sidewalk on the south section of the right of way.  Due to right-of-way restrictions on the City owned portion, a retaining wall may be required.  The City is currently seeking partnership opportunity with the County to ensure a uniform project and to strengthen funding for the project.  Due to the magnitude and scope of the project, the cost for completion presents challenging obstacles.  To that end, both the City and County had applied for funding through the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  This project is on the MPO list for funding along with the Florida Department of Transportation, which is also offering assistance towards the completion of the project.  City staff is working with these agencies to ensure the project stays on track for funding which is expected in the fiscal year 2020-21. 



Project is a plat requirement for the Debuy’s parcel and is currently being performed by Lennar Homes.  This project involves the construction of new two (2) lane roadway to extend Nob Hill Road from Hillsboro Boulevard to Loxahatchee Road.  Roadway is located in Broward Municipal Services District and as such, falls under Broward County (“County”) jurisdiction.  The roadway currently has been constructed to the main entrance to the Lennar/Miralago Development.  The developer  requested to elevate a portion of the roadway in order to accommodate a con- span pedestrian tunnel to connect the Miralago subdivision to the adjacent Triple H parcel.  Triple H parcel is currently being cleared for future development. 

*Lennar is currently working with the County to address changes in order to complete and open the roadway between Summer and Fall of  2016.



The City of Parkland (City), is currently constructing a new first class tennis facility at John H. Quigley Park, located at 7901 Parkside Drive. The new facility will have 12 clay tennis courts, one building with offices and restroom/locker facilities, one maintenance building, and a parking lot. The design was completed by Keith and Associates via a City General Engineering Services contract.  
The project was offered to the public for competitive solicitations in November 2015 and was awarded on January 20, 2016 to West Construction, Inc. Six courts opened to league play only in September and the rest of the facility will open later this year.  



The City of Parkland (City) completed this project which features a paved, landscaped sidewalk connecting Ranch Road with Holmberg Road along the east side of 87th avenue.  The solar-powered crosswalk from the southernmost point of this sidewalk across Holmberg Road is also fully operational.    



With the ever-expanding population within the City of Parkland (“City”), there is potential for delays in response times and an increase in vehicle collision involving emergency vehicles responding to calls for service. This can be addressed by adding fire-rescue signal preemption devices to both current and future traffic signals to enable fire-rescue vehicles to communicate with said signals. Currently, Coral Springs Fire Department provides all fire-rescue services to the City, all Advanced Life Support (ALS) service vehicles being used by them in the City is already equipped with the vehicular component of preemption system.

In an effort to providing a safe environment to commuters and to reduce emergency response times, the City contracted  with Transportation Control Systems, Inc. to install said devices at four existing signalized intersections within the City. The intersections for the proposed preemption devices are as follows:

University Drive and Holmberg Road
Pine Island Road and Holmberg Road 
Pine Island Road and Trails End Boulevard
Nob Hill Road and Parkland Reserve Blvd./Heron Bay Blvd.

*The installation of the preemption devices at all four (4) intersections is complete and is in service.


The exit point onto roadways pose visibility challenges for emergency responders.  Distracted drivers only compound the problem for emergency responders trying to leave the fire station. The emergency responders deserve safe, ready access to roadways adjacent to the fire station. The signal will also preserve traffic safety for all motorist at the designated location. To this end, the City of Parkland secured the services of Stanley Consultants, Inc. via a City General Engineering Services contract, to conduct a warrant study for the installation of emergency signals at all three Fire Stations within the City. Based on the information provided in the study, Broward County granted permission to the City to design and construct two (2) emergency signals. The proposed locations are: 

  • University Drive at City Municipal Complex Fire Station 97
  • Holmberg Road at Fire Station 42

The design plans have been submitted to Broward County for review.  Review and permitting take approximately 4- 6 months and the signals installation will take about 8 -10 months thereafter. 


The City of Parkland has completed construction of a new Splash Pad at Liberty Park.  The project was awarded to West Construction, Inc. and the ribbon-cutting ceremony opened the new pad in August 2016.  Final adjustments are being made, but will not impede enjoyment.  

Liberty Park Splash Pad



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