Parkland Spring/Summer Camp

Parkland Spring Camp

Spring Camp is held for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade and runs during Broward County Public Schools Spring Break from 7:30am to 5:30pm at the PREC. Kids will participate in a field trip every day in the tri-county area and buses will leave no later than 9am. The cost is $325 for residents and $390 for non-residents.

Parkland Summer Camp is back.

Kids camp is held at Park Trails Elementary for kindergarten through 5th grade and your child must be 5 years old by the start of camp. Camp will start on Tuesday, June 20th and will run through Friday, August 11th. The group goes on a field trip twice a week.

Travel camp is held at West Glades Middle School for 6th grade through 8th grade. Your child must be entering these grades for the 2023-2024 school year. Camp will start on Tuesday, June 20th and will run through Friday, August 11th. The group goes on a field trip everyday.

The City of Parkland is proud to announce our adoption of ePACT Network, a health and safety software to better support all our members and make it easier to submit critical data securely and eliminate the use of paper. Registration will now be in person as well as online as long as you have an established account with a username and password. When registration opens on Monday, March 6th, you can login here.

Why are we using ePACT?

  • To save you time - With ePACT, you only need to complete your child’s information once and update it as needed throughout the year.
  • Reduces risks associated with COVID-19- Collecting data electronically and checking members in /out using contactless methods reduces contact.
  • For better security and privacy, ePACT's high encryption levels and commitment to security means your data on ePACT is safer than on paper.

How it works?

It's a very simple process. You'll be sent a request for EACH child after you register- click the "Complete Request" button, create an account, and follow the prompts to share data with the city of parkland. If you already have an account then you just login to "reconfirm" your information. If you have more than one child attending, family data will automatically pre-fill-,saving you time.

Have questions or feedback? Please contact us at 954.757.4105 or visit

Parkland Spring Break and Summer Camp 2023