Volunteer Parkland

Join Us and Share Your Talents

One of Parkland’s greatest resources is the diversity of people who call this city home. By choosing to volunteer, all Parkland residents have the opportunity to strengthen our great city by connecting with their families, their neighbors, and their communities through service.

Serving others is as easy as planting a garden, reading to a child, assisting with special events, working in a park, assisting with tasks at the Parkland Library, or educating families about important programs that can empower their lives and help break cycles of poverty. By sharing the resource of your time, you can empower other residents through service, and get connected to the city’s wealth of diverse communities and people.

For more information, please contact the Human Resources Division at 954.757.4145 or apply online.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Volunteer Position

  • Time Commitment

    • Are you looking for a volunteer position where you serve a few hours each week, one where you serve occasionally as needed, or a full-time opportunity where you dedicate a year to service? When selecting a volunteer opportunity, consider the amount of time you can realistically devote on a regular basis, and for what length of time overall.
    • Opportunities that are more intense in nature will often ask that you make a six-month or one-year commitment, and will vary in the number of hours per week you are asked to serve (1-40 hours per week). Other opportunities may be one-time events, or on a periodic basis over an extended period of time. Knowing the amount of time you can, and are willing to, serve will help you select a volunteer opportunity that will suit your needs.
  • Service You Would Like to Provide

    • Do you want to work with children or the elderly? Do you want to focus your efforts on a particular issue area, such as the environment or education? Do you want to serve people directly, complete administrative tasks, or do physical labor? Determining the type of service you would like to provide will help you narrow your choices and find an opportunity that meets your interests.
  • Skills and Talents

    • Do you have a special set of skills that you would like to utilize during your service experience, or are you interested in developing new skills? Many volunteer opportunities will provide a chance for you to utilize special skills or talents. In others, you can try something completely new and develop a new skill.

Getting Involved

Once you have narrowed your choices, complete the volunteer application and submit it to the Human Resource Department. Your application will be reviewed relative to current needs and you will be contacted if there is a suitable opportunity. If contacted, you should ask questions regarding other requirements, including background check and fingerprinting (for those serving with children). If a background check is a requirement, the city will process it for you, but you will need to determine approximately how long it will take for you to be cleared to begin your service. If the process is a lengthy one and you want to get started right away, you might want to pursue other opportunities.