Clues In the Park

The City of Parkland Parks and Recreation team has created a family-friendly activity for all to enjoy.

Clues in the Park is back again. Do not miss out on this week-long Clues in the Park starting on Saturday, March 11.

Short Story:

Parkland Residents,

We all know Parkland rocks. The real question is “Do we know why?" Take a wild guess. It doesn’t hurt to try. We’re surrounded by Parkland’s history. The portals are a gem. Identified by colors, there are 14 of them. Let’s play a little game and have a little fun. Answer a question from each portal. Then submit them when you’re done. Carefully review the locations and questions. Some you may or may not know. Learn fun facts about our City. Ready, set, go.

How to Play:

  • Print the PARKLAND PORTALS here (Locations and Question Sheet).
  • Visit each portal and scan the QR code for more details of that location’s history.
  • Answer each question.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, submit your answers to:, by Sunday, March 19 for a prize.
  • Submissions with the most answers correct will be entered into a lottery drawing to select a winner.
  • Winner will be announced on the City of Parkland Parks and Recreation’s website on Monday, March 20.


  • Each portal should have a ribbon attached-for identification purpose only.
  • Do not submit answers individually or one at a time.
  • Submissions are only accepted via email.
  • Prize is for an individual or family.