Drainage Improvement Projects

Drainage Improvement Projects in the Ranches

The City of Parkland (City) has begun a long-term project to improve drainage in The Ranches. This project, funded in part by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, is currently in the survey phase.

The project will improve storm water dispersion, improve water flow in the roadside canals, lessen the impact of standing water in the low-lying areas of the community, and improve overall water quality.

Upon completion of the drainage improvement portion of the project, the roads in The Ranches will be resurfaced.

Surveyors are in the area capturing existing features’ data points including elevation, foliage, and depth and width of canals.  These measurements will enable a design to be created that will achieve the project’s objectives.

Following the survey and design of the project, communication will be conducted with residents door-to-door to fully explain the project, enable residents to view the project design, see the scope of the project, and learn what is being done in the area closest to their own property.