Athletics/Field Rentals

The City of Parkland Parks and Recreation Division is dedicated to continuing a close cooperative relationship with our local sports organizations and civic associations. The City of Parkland does not operate the sports organizations. They are each operated by a private non-profit organization that must adhere to the City of Parkland Sports Policy (PDF).

These activities are found in the City:
Field Condition Hotline
The City also maintains a field condition hotline that sports team members can consult to confirm field schedules and weather cancellations. You can reach the hotline at 954.757.4110. It is updated daily after 4:00 pm.

Athletic Field Rentals

Field Availability

All athletic fields are reserved for use by City of Parkland recognized sports leagues. No organized program or team is permitted to utilize city facilities for training, lessons, coaching, practice or games other than the City Recognized Sports Leagues. Groups with more than ten (10) individuals are required to secure a permit to utilize an athletic field unless under the age of eighteen (18).


In order to secure a Short Term Permit, the group must be comprised of a minimum of sixty five percent (65%) Parkland residents and the individual applying for the Short Term Permit must be a Parkland resident.  A Short Term Permit may be granted for a maximum of three dates at a time. Any applicable fees for short term permits shall be determined by the City of Parkland Fee Schedule and must be paid at the time the reservation is made. The organization must be non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political and cannot be a City of Parkland Sports Organization or any other sports organization. Any requests for a Short Term Permit must be made at least four (4) days prior to use of the Facility. The Parkland resident applying for the Short Term shall be the contact person and shall sign the permit and be responsible for the Facility being used. Cancellation of a Short Term Permit must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled time for use. Short Term Permits may be canceled or altered by the city at any time if the public need or the need of the city so requires. An individual or group may renew their active permit no more than fourteen (14) days prior and no less than four (4) days from its termination date. Short term permits are available at a cost of $32.10/hr.

For questions or to make a reservation, please contact the Parkland Tennis Center at 954.757.1910.

No Permit Required

The large open space areas at Terramar Park and Pine Trails Park do not require a permit, unless an event wants to be held at these locations. To be able to hold an event in these open space areas, please contact our special events coordinator at 954.757.4107.