Updates, Assistance, and Storm Information

Additional Agencies Which Offer Hurricane Assistance

Important Phone Numbers

  • Police and Fire Rescue Services Life Safety Emergencies: 9-1-1
  • Police and Fire Rescue Services Non-Emergency City, Police, or Fire - For problems that require a routine response. This number puts you in contact with personnel in the Parkland Public Safety Building: 954.753.5050
  • Non-Emergency City Business Hours - For example, a tree blocking a road: 954.757.4119
  • Non-Emergency City After Hours: 954.753.9784
  • Wildlife Sightings - Wildlife Society: 954.524.4302
  • Broward County Emergency Operations Hurricane Hotline: 954.831.3900
  • Broward County Special Needs Shelter Program - People who need these services during a storm must register in advance at 954.357.6385 or TDY 954.357.5608
  • Emergency Food Stamps - Food Stamp Questions Should Be Directed To: 866.762.2237