When is the Product Approval Schedule/Comparison Chart submitted?

The Florida Building Code mandates that all components in the Building Envelope must be products which are “approved” for use as shown on your plans. This Schedule is to be completed for all new construction, including remodeling, in which windows, doors, skylights, vents, and other products are to be incorporated into the exterior walls and/or roof of a building. Each product must be an “approved” product as outlined by the Florida Building Code. All products must also be approved for use by your Architect or Engineer of Record, and the Tested Pressure of each product (size-specific) must meet or exceed the Design Pressure specified by the A/E of Record. This addendum to your permit plans, consisting of this Schedule and all referenced product approval documentation, must be submitted early in the construction process, usually before the Tie Beam inspection can be scheduled, and must be approved by our plans examiner prior to the installation of the referenced products.

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