New Pools, and Pools completed on or after October 1, 2000:

New pools, and pools which had not received a final inspection until October 1, 2000, are governed by the Pool Safety Act, which has been fine-tuned and is now incorporated within the Florida Building Code.

The Pool Safety Act requirements are as stringent as they are complex. The basic requirement is that any new pool must be built with protection by means of fence, screen enclosure, alarms, baby barrier, or a combination of these components which serves to provide a barrier to entrance to the pool from all directions, for 360 degrees around the pool.

Access the 424.2.17 residential swimming barrier requirement online (a part of the Florida Building Code), then select Florida Building Code 2007, the Building volume, Chapter 4, Section 424.2.17.

Existing Pools Completed After May 22, 1996 But Before September 30, 2000: On May 22, 1996, the City passed a fence ordinance requiring a minimum 4’-high fence, with self-closing, self-locking gate(s), or a screen enclosure, around any pool which had not yet been completed, or for which the final inspection had not yet been approved. However, there is an exception for a property located on a waterway: no fence is required along the plot line(s) bounded by water. And, exempted from these enclosure requirements are pools located in A-1, AE-1, and AE-2 zoning districts, such as Tall Pines, Pinetree Estates, and the Ranches.

City Ordinance 22-88(6) may be found among the ordinances posted at Municode, or visit the City of Parkland website.

Existing Pools Completed Prior To May 22, 1996: There were no code-mandated requirements for a new pool completed prior to May 22, 1996 to have a fence or screen enclosure.

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