BSO-Parkland District

In February 2004, the Parkland City Commission approved the merger of the city's law enforcement operations with the Broward Sheriff's Office, effective March 1, 2004.

The district has an annual operating budget of approximately $9.2 million and provides for 54 positions including a district Captain, one Lieutenant, seven Sergeants, 40 Deputies and five Administrative positions.

The Parkland BSO District oversees all Public Safety and Code Enforcement matters throughout the City of Parkland.

When to Call the Non-Emergency Number and When Not To

In an emergency, always call 911. When contemplating whether or not to call the B.S.O. non-emergency number, use the examples below as a guide:

Examples of appropriate calls that SHOULD be made to the Non-Emergency Number

  1. My pet is stuck in a tree, drain, or on a roof.
  2. I have had a minor vehicle accident, with no injuries or hazards, and need a public service aid (PSA) to write a report.
  3. My neighbor is playing their music too loud.
  4. I need to report my bicycle stolen (no suspect on scene).
  5. I need to report identity theft (no suspect on scene).
  6. I have not seen my neighbor/relative recently and would like a welfare check.
  7. There is a stray dog roaming my street.

Examples of inappropriate calls that should NOT be made to the Non-Emergency Number

  1. I need a copy of a police report or the police department's office hours.
  2. I am trying to reach Officer Jane Doe or Deputy John Doe.
  3. I have a code enforcement complaint.
  4. I want to speak to someone about my water, sewer, or solid waste account.
  5. I do not understand my TRIM notice or tax bill.
  6. How do I get financial help to pay my light or water bill?
  7. My vehicle was towed, where do I find it?
  8. I have been served an eviction notice or I want to serve an eviction notice.
  9. How do I get arrest information, bond information, or jail visitation information?

Code Enforcement

The mission of Code Enforcement is to enforce the codes of the City of Parkland. It is our intent to provide a fair and expeditious process to enforce the city’s zoning and technical codes and to correct violations in a manner with all the procedures, requirements and remedies provided for in Chapter 162, Florida Statues. Click here to view the City of Parkland Municipal Code

The City has retained the services of Thomas Ansbro to serve as Special Magistrate. The Enforcement procedure would be the same as the Code Enforcement Board. Meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of the month at City Hall Commission Chambers at 9:00 AM.

Click here to go to the Code Enforcement Page

Sexual Offenders & Predators

An interactive mapping program allows Parkland Residents to plot the location of registered offenders and predators in Broward County. Residents can search by an address – or proximity to listed schools, child care facilities, parks and libraries.

Click here to search for sexual offenders and predators

Special Needs Request Form

Click here to download the Special Needs Request Form

Finger Printing

The Parkland District of the Broward Sheriff’s Office offers finger printing to Parkland residents. Please call the Parkland District at 954.753.5050 for an appointment.

Craigslist Safe Haven

When selling item on line, keep in mind that not all buyers are legitimate. Whenever possible consider meeting strangers in a safe place. The Parkland District of the Broward Sheriff’s Office will serve as a safe haven for the city’s online buyers and sellers to meet. Contact the District Office at 954.753.5050 for assistance.

Solicitor Program

The City of Parkland Code of Ordinances (Secs.12-4) provides for Peddlers and Solicitors to engage in business within the City. To comply with the ordinance a solicitor’s license application must be obtained from City Hall. An application fee will be required along with a background check. Once a license is obtained the applicant will be required to comply with all restrictions of the code when conducting business with the City.

Home Watch Program

When you do leave your home be sure to sign up for BSO’s Home Watch Program. A deputy will check your home regularly while you are away. An exterior check of your home will be conducted to make sure there have been no unlawful entries and that no other obvious problems have occurred outside of your home. To sign up for this Free service, visit Broward Sheriff's Office Parkland District Safety Programs You can also contact the Parkland District Office from 8 am to 7 pm Monday - Friday at 954.753.5050 for assistance.

Visit Sheriff Gregory Tony's BSO Website for an all-inclusive view of BSO events and information.

Contact Us

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    BSO Parkland District Office
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    8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

    Ph: 954.753.5050
    911 For All Emergencies