Registration and Calendar for Library Events and Classes


September 22  Children’s Author Visit (age 6 and up)
September 24  Build PSAT Skills and Confidence
September 26  Reading Buddies
September 26  Italianissimo
September 28  Banned Books Week: A Celebration of Intellectual Freedom with Dr. Margery Marcus
September 29  Holiday Storytime with Rabbi Stollman (age 3 and up)


October 3   Knit 'N' Knowledge
October 3   Italianissimo
October 5   Chess Club (age 8 and up)
October 5   Teen Writers Roundtable
October 6   Minecraft Club (age 7 and up)
October 8   Coffee Bar and Used Book Fair
October 8   All Booked Up Book Club:The Rent Collector by Camron Wright
October 8   Writing Buddies (K-5th grade)
October 13  Creating Monsters with Cory Laub (age 7 and up)
October 13  Developing a Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition and Diets
October 15  Author Sally Ling: Al Capone's Miami
October 15  Artist Reception with Kuntal Choksi
October 15  Afternoon Film and Discussion: Creature from the Black Lagoon
October 17  Reading Buddies
October 17  Italianissimo
October 18  Tiny Tots Social Time (age 9 months to 4 years)
October 19  Chess Club (age 8 and up)
October 19  Nature Photography Tips (adults and teens)
October 21  Autumn Craft Class (adults)
October 24  Arts, Books and Culture Discussion Group
October 24  Reading Buddies
October 24  Italianissimo
October 25  Ghostly Gathering (age 8 and up)
October 26  Halloween Spooktacular (age 3 to 7)
October 26  Decision 2016: What's on Your Ballot? Hosted by League of Women Voters
October 27  Mr. Roy's Family Music (newborn to age 4) 10 a.m.
October 27  Mr. Roy's Family Music (newborn to age 4) 11 a.m.
October 27  Bricks 'N' Books (age 7 and up)
October 31  Italianissimo


November 1   Adult Coloring Book Art