Home Business Tax Receipts

Business Tax Receipt Documentation

All businesses in Parkland are required to have a City of Parkland Business Tax Receipt AND a Broward County Business Tax Receipt. The following documentation may be required:

Home Business Tax Receipts

For more specific information on your business and the fees associated with it, contact us at 954.757.4138. You may also find the Broward County Business Tax Database useful.

Agricultural Exemptions

The City of Parkland has implemented a new policy for all agricultural exempted property within the City. When renewing a Business Tax Receipt, the applicant must provide the City with proof of the agricultural exemption along with a survey or sketch of the property. This sketch or survey must show all buildings along with proper parking requirements for the business. This information is required before the tax receipt is renewed.

A zoning inspection is also required along with the annual fire inspection. This will be scheduled through the Building Division. After the initial submission of the required documentation, this information will only be required at the renewal if there is a change in ownership or structures have been added to the property.

For more information on these exemptions, please contact us at 954.757.5447.