Charter Review Board

About the Charter Review Board

The Charter Review Board consists of seven board members, and two alternates, appointed by the City Commission. The Board shall serve for a term of one year provided that the terms may be extended for an additional six months at the sole discretion of the City Commission. This board reviews the City Charter for relevancy, fairness, and efficiency to help ensure the best governmental system possible with the City. The City Commission will appoint members in May 2017 and every six years thereafter.

For more information, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 954.757.4132.

Amendment Process

The Charter Review Board determines whether any amendments are needed to the current City Charter. Once an amendment is proposed by the Board, a public hearing about the proposed changes will be established for public input. Any recommended or proposed changes are then presented to the City's Commission for authorization. Upon approval a referendum is held where an amendment is presented to the electorate for final adoption. 

Charter Review Forum

If you would like to provide comments / input to the Charter Review Board you can do so by sending an email. The Committee welcomes your input, however the process does not require that a reply will be sent.


Meeting agendas for the City of Parkland Charter Review Board will be available on this page when the Board is in session.